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Community Involvement

Diversified Roofing Teddy Bears for Homeless Children

Teddy Bears for Kids

Diversified Roofing Services has made it a tradition to provide Teddy Bears to homeless children every December. We have worked with Day Springs, Wheeler Mission, The Julian Center, Good News Ministries, and St. Pius X in an effort to provide a bright spot in the lives of the most needy during the holiday season.

When asked how the children feel about the teddy bears provided, the Children’s Services Program Manager responded with the following:

“Children, both male and female – young & older, love the soft cuddly gestures of love. I usually put them out in a big bin (at the front desk) for the families to choose from and all you could hear is “UUUUhhhhh can I have this one mommy, can I have that one”…and then the bin is empty within minutes: And that “always” makes me smile!”

Such a simple gift makes so many homeless children happy!

Orchard in Bloom Sponsor

Orchard in Bloom

Diversified Roofing participates in the annual Orchard in Bloom as both a contributor as well as a sponsor. This spring event showcase takes place at Indianapolis’ Holiday Park.


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